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Spiritual Lessons From Plant Communities

& Biblical Nature Metaphors​

Join Cindy and Dave Martin online along with vocalists Desiree Goyette and Tanya Perkins 

$18 includes all three Webinars - each 75 minutes long

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InspireSight programs focus on nature metaphors in the Bible, and how they can relate to various states of thought and experience in the spiritually-transforming individual. In this series of three webinars, we trace spiritual lessons from plant metaphors in the Bible. We also incorporate current scientific discoveries about plants, their interrelatedness, and what truths they can teach us.

Webinar #1

Plant Metaphors:

Communication & Oneness

This webinar introduces spiritual concepts illustrated in plants, trees, and nature metaphors in the Bible.  Explore how forests and plants illustrate resilience, community, inter-connectedness, and beneficial relationships. 

Learn how plants and trees thrive, defend, assist, and communicate with one another.  Tree symbols in the Bible teach us spiritual lessons about life, strength, humility, healing, and the Science of God.

Webinar #2

Plant Metaphors:

Restoration & Healing

How do the plant metaphors in the Bible lead to practical solutions for environmental problems, the need for planetary and individual healing? What do plants and trees teach us about continuous vigor, productivity, regeneration, overcoming decline and complacency? Jesus used these symbols to teach important lessons and showed us their practicality in healing all kinds of human conditions, meeting the needs of man.

Webinar #3

Plant Metaphors:

Structure & Relationship

What do the structure and the beauty of plants teach us about balance, harmony, grace, self-government, individuality, and relationship? What are the true forces that hold us in productive and joyous relationship? The symmetry and mathematical order of plant structures have much to teach us about a divine Science and law that governs harmoniously. The Bible teaches how the law of God is the force that sustains life and beauty.

Speakers and  Vocalists

VOCALIST                                                                                                                      1st Program

Desiree Goyette

A two-time Grammy nominee. Has enjoyed a singing and voiceover career for over 20 years. Character voice credits include: Betty Boop, Barbie, Nermal, Petunia Pig, Honey Bunny, and numerous others for radio, television and toys.
She has composed and been a vocalist for numerous Garfield specials and has voiced various supporting characters in the Garfield universe, including Nermal the kitten.
Instructor at Voice One, a school for voice-over and acting training.  Owns Lightchild Publishing; a small music publishing company that specializes in Inspirational music.
Received two Grammy nominations.

SPEAKERS                                                                                                               All 3 programs

David and Cindy Martin

Cindy and David are your hosts leading participants in explorations of  the spiritual lessons we can learn from cooperative plant community relations. They connect these to Biblical nature metaphors and exploring the deeper spiritual substance of the universe .  Cindy and David are both naturalists, landscape architects, and lifelong Bible students. 
Cindy and David have been environmental educators, taught sustainable land design, and are serving as volunteer prison chaplains.  They are both environmental planners with degrees from Cal Poly University.  David has worked for the State of California specializing in sustainable restoration of natural  environments. 
They have led  InspireSight programs in the Yosemite area, at The Willows, the A/U Ranches, Discovery Bound programs,  and at Cedars Camps.  They have also written for the periodicals, and provided programs for Churches and Nursing facilities as well as speaking for Institutional Work Annual Meetings.

VOCALIST                                                                                                2nd and 3rd Programs

Tanya Kay Perkins

Tanya is a classical-crossover artist whose work spans many different musical styles from Broadway to classical to folk and pop. She has performed across the country in musical theatre, Shakespeare, light opera and concerts. She unexpectedly found teaching when looking for work on her way to NYC. It changed her life; expanded her own understanding of singing technique, styling and performance. She was a natural born teacher. She took everything she so effortlessly did on stage and poured it into her teaching. Her career took on a new path as venues wanted her to perform and give coaching seminars. It became a perfect fit when her son arrived. She was able to manage family with shorter performance commitments and throw in recording projects along the way.

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