Conversation Bridges using Science & Biblically-rooted Nature Metaphors


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About Dave and Cindy

Dave and Cindy of InspireSight are licensed landscape architects, environmental planners and educators.  They also serve as volunteer prison chaplains and have found that the beauty and principles of nature are a universal language. Over the years as Bible students, they’ve hosted conferences and taught seminars on Biblical Nature Metaphors through-out the US.




About this free guide


Remember a time when you and your best friend were sharing one on one? You felt safe in going deeper about the things closest to your heart and the door to communication was wide open.  These are times when there is total engagement in listening, encouraging, and sharing a love that is felt and valued.  This guide to conversation bridges explores spiritual nature metaphors that can lead to more of this type of sharing with a broader community . 


Cindy and Dave say, "In working with youth and inmates, or in conversations with family and friends, we’ve found open doors as we’ve shared these nature metaphors that can provide conversation bridges.  We’ve found that inmates really respond and are excited about what they’re hearing when we share these analogies.  We've seen healing and transformation occur when the spiritual truths these nature metaphors illustrate are taken to heart.  This free Guide capsulizes years of experience in using the universal language of nature to share inspiration and spiritual understanding. "

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